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About us

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Mad Dog Sports is slightly eccentric sports equipment retailer that specialises in the supplying and sourcing of all quality sports equipment to school children, teenagers and adults both young and more senior.

What we do is try to provide an efficient service, direct to you at a competitive price with great customer service before, during and after your purchase

Mad Dog Sports was founded by a PE teacher who spent over 25years teaching sport and coaching cricket.

The idea behind the company was,and continues to be, to provide outstanding sports equipment at a great price to enable people to enjoy sport along with a healthy and  active lifestyle all with service.

We source and sell all of manner sporting equipment, basically if you play it we will try to provide it and at a great price too! We do however have difficulty in getting Quiditch sticks and snitchs, as soon as we have any we will advertise.

We more than welcome inquiries about sports equipment availability and prices and we offer a free sourcing and quote service, which is totally without any obligation all done (hopefully) within 48 hours.

Please just ask us, we do not bite and to be honest just want to help!

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Thanks for clicking on our page, we would love your feedback as to how we can improve our service and stock, it is only by knowing what is not too good that we can improve what we do.


Wondering why the name Mad Dog?

Our Founder has a Chocolate Labrador called Toffee who is a delight, gentle, always hungry and loves her walks but is completely “lights on but nobody home” she loves to run after any ball and watches sport on the television with her head moving side to side as the ball moves around the playing area.

 Truly a “Mad Dog”


We now have a second MAD DOG we are delighted to say we have a rescue dog form our local RSPCA shelter. Suki a cross terrier now loves to play and chase Toffee (who is still completely bonkers) that garden has been wrecked, the footballs eaten and holes dug everywhere. Suki is probably madder than Toffee loves chasing balls and basically running and bouncing whenever possible.

If you wouldlike a photo of our Mad Dogs to prove they are real (they are honestly) please just email us and we will send you a photo!

AND ANOTHER UPDATE as of November 2017 we now have a THIRD Mad Dog, a rescue ex racing Greyhound called Indi (Kennel name in our house Indiana Bones as she is skinny) a HUGE thanks to the Dogs Trust for Indi, she is big black,beautiful and is becoming dafter every day, we just want to know on three meals a day just how does she stay so thin! It's just not fair!